Forster co ax single stage press

I would say that I have loaded many. As others have said, you must use the cross-bolt style of lock ring with this press. You can put at least two calibers of rifle dies on it but you will end up doing one stage of the loading at a time. The T-7 may hold a bunch of dies but changing out dies on the Co-Ax takes a second or less.

This avoids the dusty, abrasive and corrosive carbon waste ever coming into contact with any bearing surface which when lightly lubricated, remain glistening and never clogs up.

Co-Ax Single Stage Press

That's how I knew of those two listed for sale. I don't know if I would want one as my ONLY press, since it doesn't come with a universal shellholder system. Put a chair tip on the end. Plan is to use it mostly for loading. Imperial sizing wax and a recent Hornady die. The layout has two great pluses over any other bench model I know of — its vertical column form reduces the tendency to be pulled over towards the user when working hard so it manages with a small mounting area by normal standards and a two bolt fixing set-up.

Good job too, it is a fiddly, three-handed, procedure to avoid losing the tiny springs.

Buying a Forster CO-AX Press. Any tips, accessories, or suggestions?

Some of the locking rings on some die sets will NOT fit in the press. The workmanship is excellent and as someone else said, it is like a bank vault closing. Being right handed and operating the lever with the right hand places you almost directly in front of the press, as with any other.

I don't think it's bad, just different. Note the easy operator access and huge gape to take long cartridges. I like the primer cup. Primers cannot be crushed, nor will they protrude from the case head and cause premature firing.

However, I just ordered a Co-ax. Shop around for the best price. The priming feature is absolutely useless and the handle is on the top of the press so your range of movement to operate the press is greater than the T-7 or most other presses. Pick up in Turlock, CA only.

Selling as a package so no i am not interested in selling the Forster Co Ax by itself and NO i won't let you know if i change my mind. $ CASH/FIRM (NIB) Forster B5 Co Ax single stage press (2) xtra lock rings included, (NIB) RCBS CHARGEMASTER COMBO, Sinclair/LE Wilson Ultimate case trimmer/cutter with micrometer includes / & x39 case.

Forster Co-Ax Single Stage Press

Dec 08,  · IMHO the co-ax is the best single stage press you can buy. I do have a rockchucker I use for my Jeffrey, as the dies have a 1" body, but asside from that the co-ax is the way to go.

Jun 13,  · I prefer to use nut and bolts to mount my presses instead of lag bolts. Also good pick with the co-ax press – my favorite single stage press, very smooth operation.

Regards. Find great deals on eBay for forster co ax and forster co-ax press. Shop with confidence. Feb 05,  · To me, you can’t get a better single stage press.

I’ve used a Rockchucker for 25 + years and still like it, but the Co-ax is my go to press. Theiskell, Feb 5, Luxury lingerie from Agent Provocateur.

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Forster co ax single stage press
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