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Do people allow you to shop, eat, etc, when you go out in Mumbai. And when the moment came, we patched the line on and when I said, "Hello Mark," Sachin looked puzzled. Sara and Arjun are now teenagers. My development as a cricketer happened in Mumbai, from the colony to the maidans and eventually playing for the Mumbai squad amongst the stalwarts of Indian cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar Answers 10 Questions

I hope I cook well so you would have to ask my family on how they like the taste. Now that is a landmark to be celebrated, not the many inconsequential others that we exploit for our own need.

I want to do it. In a secret location in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, where Tendulkar was visiting the local opossum population to derive inspiration for his upcoming MP career, he decided to entertain the media for an impromptu press conference. I love where I am right now.

While he displayed a full repertoire of strokes in compiling his maiden Test hundred, most remarkable were his off-side shots from the back foot. Tendulkar has found the urge, and the solutions, to be able to play for 20 years. How special is it to be in the collective consciousness of the masses even as a retired cricketer.

Favourite destination, in India and overseas. In the first break Sachin whispered, "That was a beautiful surprise. He made 15 runs, being bowled by Waqar Youniswho also made his debut in that match, but was noted for how he handled numerous blows to his body at the hands of the Pakistani pace attack.

Tendulkar now considers the 13 coins he won then as some of his most prized possessions.

The Sachin I know

All the players will give their best, go out there and compete hard and leave the spectators with some good memories and a reason to smile, because for so many years they have been waiting to see us live.

But, fortunately, all that is behind me now and I've been able to put in the hours of practice that I need. Will the All-Stars League involve only retired players. Here are the excerpts: Do you like journalists who suck up to you. You have a lot of clubs in the US playing cricket, but not at the highest level.

Tell me, why should a girl return home after the first class because there are no proper toilets in her school. He dedicated this century to his father. We have set a high goal of a corruption-free nation but are resigned to lower expectations when it comes to education.

'Warne and I competed hard and we continue to do so'

You gave so much to India during the 25 years that you played, but the amazing thing is that you are not done. Aggression should be reflected in your game; the way you play.

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Sachin Tendulkar Answers 10 Questions Posted on July 17, by thecricketcouch After a phenomenal run of 22 years as an International Cricketer representing India, (which may continue for another 10, who knows!), Sachin Tendulkar has chosen a different path to continue serving the nation.

In an extract from his exclusive interview with Donald McRae, Indian cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar stresses that rather than considering retirement at the age of. Sachin Tendulkar has described the past year, in which he became the first batsman to reach 14, Test runs, as 'sweet'.

Photograph: Graham Hughes/Getty Images On a rainy afternoon in London. Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography: 11 intriguing questions that fans would eagerly await answers to from the maestro “I knew that agreeing to write my story would need me to be completely.

Oct 09,  · In an exclusive chat with Harish Kotian/elleandrblog.com, Sachin Tendulkar explains why he chose to launch the All-Stars League in baseball-crazy America. He. Sachin Tendulkar's tell-all autobiography 'Playing It My Way' was officially released on Tuesday - ending the wait of cricket fraternity and fans around the globe.

Write an interview with sachin tendulkar images
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